Sunday, October 23, 2011

11 Takeaways from Together for Adoption including cottage cheese

For the past 2 days I've had the privilege of representing Lifesong for Orphans at this year's national Together for Adoption conference in Phoenix. What a great honor and blessing this has been to be in the middle of such an amazing group of people and to share about the great work Lifesong is doing!

I've got so many things flinging around my head that it's difficult to string them together, but a few takeaways from the 2 days in no particular order of priority or seriousness:

it's still seriously hot in late October in the middle of the afternoon in Phoenix (the exhibitor tables/booths were all outside!)
there isn't near the volume of hipster christians at an adoption/orphan conference as there is at a Catalyst conference, but they are still seriously committed and crazy about orphans!
young couples with no children who travel to an adoption conference to learn about advocating for orphans and knowing God has called them to this journey deserve a HUGE amount of praise, respect, and support (and no they aren't infertile and don't "have" to adopt)
Noel Piper can draw a crowd!
God never calls you to do what YOU can do, but rather what He can do so there's no doubt who's pulling it off! @JeffVanderstelt
American Christians have to figure out concept of "enough" to make big kingdom impacts in areas like adoption
Christians should be about social justice because we have God's grace, shouldn't do social justice to get God's grace
If I was anywhere near Memphis I would definitely be trying to get to Bryan Loritts' church Fellowship Memphis
Black people, for the most part, don't/won't eat cottage cheese (see Bryan Loritts above)
Young pastors with families who start new churches in difficult places amaze me! (see @JeffVanderstelt above)
There are some crazy cool organizations doing amazing things for orphans and adoption in general and I'm learning so much about God's grace through it all!! 

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