Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seriously, no sour cream?!

Well yesterday was Tortilla Tuesday at the Freeman house. If you've been following along this was part of Lifesong for Orphans Honduras blitz to raise funds for their ministry in Honduras. Tortilla Tuesday was to be an event with family, friends, coworkers, etc... to be able and share about the ministry, the children, and all of the amazing work God is doing at Plan Escalon. Of course I had plans to take pictures of our kids eating and discussing the children of Honduras, the 3500'sh tortillas they make every single day and generally having a good time as we discuss our support of these children and ministry (I went in January and will be returning with D in June). And then blog about it in hopes of showcasing the event and what we did in honor of them. Given there are 7 of us, it didn't exactly go as planned, it went something like this:

* Please get F out of the kitchen, he is driving everyone insane!

* Where's the salsa? I don't know, can we have salsa? Do the kids at Plan Escalon get salsa? Uh, sure...

* I want sour cream. I don't think the kids get sour cream, maybe we shouldn't get it either. Lot's of eye rolling, are you serious, i want sour cream! I think I remember having some when we there, ha!

* Crap, we're totally out of sour creme! Seriously?! Ugghhh!!

* F, don't eat yet, we haven't prayed for the kids of Honduras yet, dang it!

* So let's talk about the kids at Plan Escalon and what we're doing as a family to help them... "can i have a friend spend the night on Friday since I was promised last weekend but didn't get to?"

* What, are you serious, right in the middle of my sentence about the children and what we're doing to help?!

* Return to table after having to walk outside and calm down, 2 oldest already scarfed tortillas with rice and beans and have vamoosed, great! No pictures, no deep discussion, no thankfulness of what we have compared to others, SUCK!

So if you want to see what it was supposed to look and feel like as we attempted to honor the children at Plan Escalon in Honduras, you'll have to go check it out here, where this family got it right. At least they got it right long enough to take some pictures and look happy about it.

Isn't family great some days? What's the last spiritual activity you had all planned out in your head that got wrecked when "life" took over?

Oh, we are still supporting the effort with time and $$ and thankful for Lifesong and their efforts in Honduras and the opportunity to have our giving doubled!

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