Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vomiting House

Last year our family went through a spiritual transformation due to a lot of factors. We came to a point where we didn't feel the Christian-American dream was exactly aligned with the Gospel and began making some changes. One of the biggest was we downsized our house. Our missionary friends from Guatemala who stayed with us recently had some differing takes because they had never both stayed with us. Erin continued to comment how big and nice our house was as compared to hers in Guatemala City. On the other hand, Jose, who had stayed with us in our previous house said, wow, you really did downsize! Perspective makes such a huge difference.

There are lots of things we like about our new digs but it is challenging at times with 7 people bumping around inside of it. We laughed this morning as we commented it appeared the house had vomited already this Saturday. One of the things we do miss is storage and pantry space. After a recent grocery store run I came home to see the kitchen looking like we were preparing for meals on wheels.

You just about have to have a degree in warehouse logistics to utilize the cabinets we have for food storage for 7 people! Thank goodness we have deep counters and can use the corners for storage of easy access stuff for the kids. So while some would say, what a mess, my perspective is at least I have the empty counter space to use, the ability to have the food, and thankful just about all of our kids can self serve themselves with some level of reasonableness!

Perspective is always an important ingredient.

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