Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love Hate Relationship

I love my children, but I hate the destructive power of 5 that can inevitably demolish what we had just recently cleaned and/or picked up. The speed and voracity rivals the best of any SEC top notch defense (maybe Auburn will have more of this in the coming months). The cacophony of noise that rains down from all corners of the house during a full weekend of everyone being home is enough at times for me to simply wish to walk out the front door and melt into the draining heat.

While I am far from a type A personality, I do like order and believe things have a place, and that usually doesn't mean any randomly open spot on the floor throughout the house (i.e. How/why in the world is "this" in my bathroom!?). The real irony here is that it doesn't bother my wife too much, go figure. Maybe it's the math/physics background in me, every variable has a purpose and everything in nature has a formulaic approach to it and the study of chaos theory doesn't apply to household order/disorder.

The good news is I truly believe the kids all feel safe and comfortable and can explore their personalities in a loving environment. I also take comfort that eventually (hopefully before they all are put to bed tonight) they will chip in, do their part, and restore some order to the two days of playing, frolicking, fighting, fussing, laughing, and loving on each other to awaken tomorrow to a new week and some space to walk through the house without worrying about breaking my ankle.

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