Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Did you get your poop hole fixed"?

This is what one of my colleagues continued to ask me every day this past week as it related to our ongoing sewer saga mystery. Classy huh, considering I work at a college? We just had to laugh though at the mystery of where the "stuff" was going because no one, and I mean no one could figure out what in the world was going on with what could only be described as a mystery pipe running through the yard.

The county just couldn't believe what I was telling them so I finally hired someone to start digging. Once the mystery pipe was exposed, I requested they come look. You could just feel the brain power as inspectors, contractors, plumbers, county sewer mucketee mucks all stood around and like a really bad choral echo, they all kept saying, "dang, that's really weird, I wonder where THAT pipe is going", one after the other. All the while just scratching and staring into the hole.

It was like a blue collar don't blink staring contest, no one wanted to commit to the next move. After much discussion and hypothesis building that would rival any Ivy League research department, we dug some more, it's just more dirt right?

After only a few more minutes, the guy turns off the back hoe and says, huh, what in the world is that?! Certainly not something you want to hear from your plumber, or doctor, when working on your poop hole. He says, hey there's another sewer line in here, what the heck?!!! After determining this line was indeed running properly to the main sewer line the real hypothesis began; where did your contractor connect to, where's your "stuff" been going for the past 5 months, etc...? Turns out during the remodel the contractor's plumber somehow never saw where the house was supposed to be connected, kept digging and found the original 1957 house connection, which no one knows where it really goes, but the dirt being dug up certainly didn't look or smell good. Can you say eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwhhhhhhhh!

So after tons of emotional ups and downs relating to the ridiculous amount of $$$ that was going to be coming out of our pockets, the original contractor finally says, wow, we really messed that up didn't we? He's paying to have it done correctly so we're not having to come out of pocket, the best news all week! I can honestly say I hope you don't have to have your poop hole worked on any time soon.

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