Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Family Has Grown... Again

We'd like to introduce Mhlengi (age 19), Mduduzi (age 14), and Zandile (age 7) from the Manzini region of Swaziland. We are now supporting these three with their monthly expenses at the Beveni carepoint in conjunction with Children's HopeChest.

Swaziland is sometimes called the nation of orphans because it has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world and the average life span is only 28 - 30. This would mean that our oldest daughter of 14 is considered "middle aged" in Swaziland. We had a great sit down with the kids the other night and discussed the bio's of these three children and statistics of Swaziland, needless to say they were a bit taken a back as they internalized their own circumstances and life span compared with these children. They are pretty excited about beginning monthly communications with their new "siblings" from across the globe.


  1. Chris - your blog is awesome! It warms my heart to see you & your family loving & accepting Zandile Mhlengi, and Mduduzi as your own! I hope to meet them when I am at Beveni in September. God bless you Freeman Family!

  2. Chris, Thank you for what you are doing to care for the children of Beveni! Your family's impact in their lives will be immeasurable.
    Ben Savage
    Children's HopeChest

  3. Ben, thanks for the medium through which to get involved and make a difference!