Monday, July 26, 2010

Found, $475 a month: We'll take it!

God always cracks me up when it comes to finances and money. Several months ago Melissa says, "it's going to cost blah, blah, blah for Fisher (newly adopted from China) and Eli (adopted 4 years ago from Guatemala) to attend preschool/kindergarten at the church. After doing some quick math in my head and picking my jaw up from the ground, I said ok, we'll figure it out.

Fast forward to today and several instances of being presented with the opportunity to give sacrificially to something God had placed in our path, to which we did what we were lead to give.

We're in the midst of a major sewer issue (which will likely cost something akin to a monthly mortgage payment) and Melissa received a call from the church, we have a need for you to work at the preschool next year.

And here I thought "we'd" figure out how to make this work next year. Turns out God had it figured out the whole time. Melissa will work 2 days/week at the preschool and Fisher (3 days a week) and Eli (5 days a week) will have their tuition waived. That's approximately $475/month thank you very much!

Now we'll have to find a way to pay some, if not all of it, forward.

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