Friday, September 30, 2011

Prayer in the town square and drunks

Wow, what a day it has been! We started it off with the staff members of the Lifesong school getting their praise and groove on African style. You couldn't help but move yourself and grin imagining the angels in heaven singing along to such heartfelt praise.

We then got to see the children begin their day in praise and bible teaching. This isn't a passive activity either mind you. The Africans are the epitome of kinesthetic learners, always moving and grooving.

It is so apparent the love these staff and teachers have for the 200+ children here. It makes me want to take a sabatical and come teach with them for 3 months!

The picture of Dutch was taken just after the children surrounding him asked if he'd pray for them. So he did, right there on the spot! So proud of his heart with the other children this week.

Unfortunately just after this, a few of the town drunks started causing a scene so we found our way out of the market center. We had just walked what through what they call the compound and met with some of the children's caretakers or moms. Most either have only a mom or neither parent and are simply living with someone else or an aunt or uncle. It seems that while staying with an aunt or uncle is the norm after both parents die or leave, that's not much better than a stranger sometimes. I see my own children in their eyes and smiles and can only glimpse how God must look at us, His children, and his outpouring of love and compassion for us.

What a day!

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