Friday, September 23, 2011

Riots in Zambia - trip canceled - trip back on...

What a roller coaster of emotions the last 24 hours!

I somewhat jokingly asked my Sunday School class who had not prayed as I had requested regarding the Zambia elections and potential unrest as news was reaching our team yesterday regarding riots and markets burning in Kitwe and Ndolo. This is where we are going to be traveling and working, the orphan ministry is in Kitwe and the missionaries there said to not come and had everyone staying inside for safety. Roads were blocked from the airport in Ndola to Kitwe!

Melissa and I had just made a run to Big Lots for school supplies, soccer balls, footballs, candy, etc... for me and D to take with us and were eating lunch when I got a call from Lifesong. Melissa said while I was listening it looked like my face was going to fall into my lunch. In lieu of the unrest, it had been determined to not travel today. Devastation! I just looked at Melissa and said, well it's God's timing and plan, but I don't have to like it! D cried in the car on the way to football practice.

Fast forward to mid day today and we receive the following via email:

Friends, you probably know, the election results came back, and the opposition supporters got what they desired - a new president. Looks like there is great celebration right now in Zambia & our contacts there have given the "green light" for safe travel. 
Below are the re-bookings we received from travel agent, for departure on 27th... Please look at your itinerary because some flights/times/city connections have changed slightly. 
See you all very soon!
Holy cow, we're back on and leaving Tuesday! God is great and I now have time to pack properly this weekend. :-)

As always, any help is appreciated on what is no doubt going to be a memorable experience if the last 24 hours are any indication:

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